FOX glider


is a two-seat composite aerobatic glider
(permissible overloads + 9 / -6 g – option I. + 7 / -5 g – option II).


MDM-1 FOX glider

The two-seater aerobatic glider MDM-1 Fox was designed on the basis of design experience during work on Kobuz, Jantar and S-l Swift gliders by the MSc. Edward Margański’s construction team. Construction works started in November 1992 and the first prototype was test flown on July 9, 1993.

Technical description


2-panels of high convergence trapezoid contour. Single girder construction with auxiliary girder with sandwich cover. I-beam girder. Single plate aerodynamic brakes on the upper surface of the wings.

Friese ailerons with constant chord and large span, two-piece, mass-balanced, suspended on 7 supports.

Structure layout comprising I-beam main spar plus auxillary spar with sandwich stressed skin.

Technical data

Basic technical data

Wing span 14.00 m
Length (to the top of the rudder) 7.38 m
Altitude (measured on the flight line) 2.25 m
Wing area 12.34 sqm
Aspect ratio 15.88
Wing root cord 1.308 m
Average reference chord 0.971 m
Wing airfoil NACA 64(1) 412
Horizontal stabilizer span 3.16 m
Surface 1.873 sqm
Airfoil NACA 63(1) 012 ÷ 63 006 mod.
Vertical stabilizer surface 1.123 sqm
Airfoil NACA 63(2) 015 ÷ 63(1)012
The center of gravity of the empty glider 620 - 665 mm behind the reference plane
Maximum empty glider weight
- without balancing weights 350   kG
- with balancing weights (2x5.5 = 11.0 kg) 361   kG
Maximum weight of non-lifting parts
Fuselage without wings 165 kG
Maximum flight weight 530 kG
In-flight allowed range of CG position 213 - 379 mm
Front instrument panel 1580 mm in front of the reference plane
Balancing weights 1520 mm in front of the reference plane
Pilot in the front seat 950 mm in front of the reference plane
Rear instrument panel 440 mm in front of the reference plane
Pilot in the rear seat 60 mm behind the reference plane
Baggage not allowed
Maximum wing surface load 42.54 kG/m2
Limit load factor +7/-5
Limit load factor in solo flight (pilot weight limited to 100 kg) +9/-6
FOX 09

The first presentation of the glider took place at the World Championships in Venlo, the Netherlands, where Jerzy Makula won the World Championship flying on the MDM-1 Fox glider.

Since then, many medals at the World and European Championships have been won on Fox.

The glider is characterized by the possibility of increasing the span thanks to additional tips (Fox P version).

FOX 08


Monocoque sandwitch structure fuselage with integral vertical fin. Seat pans bonded permanently. Two-part cockpit canopy opening to the right.

In the nose of the fuselage total pressure port and vent air-intake, static pressure ports on both sides.
The vertical stabilizer has an on-board radio antenna laminated. The nose tow hook installed at the front part of the fuselage.
The winch launch CG hook installed in front of the main wheel.

239 fot Mstudnicki


Horizontal stabilizer, elevator and rudder of sandwich structure, mass and aerodynamically balanced.

Fox 244 10
Fox 244 08

Control system

The rudder and tow hook are cable driven. The wheel brake has a cable-hydraulic drive.
Rudder and aileron have pushrod drive.
The elevator drive provided with spring trim adjusted by a lever at the base of the control stick in the front cabin.

When assembling wings and horizontal tailplane, the controls for aileron and air-brakes as well as the elevator are connected automatically. In the leading edge of the vertical fin the TE probe port is provided.

Fox 244 18

Landing gear

Main and tail wheel fixed, profiled. Main wheel brake coupled with aerodynamic brakes.


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