Our successes


Our achievements and successes as well as achievements and successes of pilots flying gliders manufactured by Zakłady Lotnicze Margański & Mysłowski SA.

MDM-1 Fox glider awarded

Laur Eksperta

Our product – MDM-1 Fox glider – received the Znak Jakości (Quality Mark) and an Extraordinary Distinction in the category “Best Brand” in the 5th edition of the National Competition and Consumer Advisory Program for Companies “Laur Eksperta”.

Pilots flying our gliders have been winning the best places on the podium since 1991.

World Cup

History: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Gliding_Championships

Once again, the competitors flying our gliders during the 21st World Globe Acrobatics Championships (Romania 2019) won the best places on the podium.

Place 1 – Poland: Patrycja Pacak, glider: Swift S-1
Place 2 – Romania: Octav Alexan, glider: MDM-1 Fox
Place 3– France: Charlie Levy-Louapre, glider: MDM-1 Fox

Dobry Wzór (Good Design)is a mark awarded every year by the Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego (Institute of Industrial Design) to products that have a high level of design. The competition has been organized since 1993.

Dobry wzór

In each edition, among the products awarded with the Dobry Wzór mark, the award of the Minister of Economy – Wzór Roku (Design of the Year) is awarded.

The EM-11C Orka aircraft received two awards:

Wzór Roku 2006 (Design of the Year 2006) – a special award from the Minister of Economy for the best product designed by a Polish designer and manufactured by a Polish entrepreneur.

Dobry Wzór 2006 – for special design values – in the Work Sphere category.


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